Solid Waste Alaska Taskforce

The Solid Waste Alaska Taskforce (SWAT) is a multi-agency taskforce that formed in November 2014 to help tribes build sustainable solid waste programs. Each member organization has their own mission and works on their own solid waste projects. However, the cross organizational structure of the team and the common purpose of helping Alaskan communities develop sustainable solid waste programs has created synergy amongst members. SWAT meets regularly to coordinate projects, share data and information, discuss progress on their individual projects and arrange events to gather input from stakeholder and other resource providers

Program Information and Resources

Solid Waste Guide

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Backhaul Alaska

Solid Waste Summit

Extended Producer Responsibility Presentations from AFE 2018

Extended Producer Responsibility / Shared Backhaul Responsibility Introductory Webinar

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SWAT's Mission

Helping communities achieve healthy, sustainable solid waste management programs by: navigating regulations; serving as a technical liaison; connecting communities to resources and tools; working with communities to find locally preferred and doable solutions; and identifying and encouraging cross-organizational collaboration.

Applying to the SWAT Affiliation

The SWAT Executive Board welcomes individuals from organizations to apply to the SWAT Affiliation who are currently working on solid waste activities and are willing to collaborate and contribute to SWAT endeavors. Click here for an application and more information.

How to contact SWAT

Please email us at: